Senin, 26 November 2012

it's my turn

after i read my friend's writing in his blog, i am inspired to write my blog in english (thanks for inspiring me). recently, i was so grateful because Allah gave me some opportunity to get some experience in learning something (education and religion). usually, i always feel underestimate myself to do something because i think there are many others that can do that beside me.  
consequently... i can't increase my ability whereas other people outside there have developed theirself. and you know what am i doing? i'll blame myself and envy to others -what a bad habit-. but now, i don't want to make it survive for long time in my character. i'll try to throw it away from me and i'll exchange it with a good habit. 
i want to focus on my good activity, don't think much about other people opinion -bad apinion- and try to give the best for others. It's my turn guys... :)

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